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2007 Two Hands Bella’s Garden Shiraz

Posted by on September 29, 2016

Original Post:  August, 2013


Oh Heaven.  Oh Bliss and Heaven!  Yes, this is my first impression of this wine.  If you’re not already drinking Australian Shiraz, you really should be.  I’ve been sitting on this for a few years and tonight was it’s unveiling.  Bliss.  Bliss and heaven!bellas 2007 Two Hands Bellas Garden Shiraz

To start, it’s big.  But you already know that.  But it’s a sledgehammer covered in soft velvet.  Furthermore, air and time don’t soften this brute a bit.  It retains the velvet hammer throughout the time it remains in the bottle.  I don’t recommend decanting, just take it straight.  If you are decanting Australian wines, you probably are not opening the right bottles.  Yeah I know I’m going to hear from a few of you.  When you go Australian, you’re going big and bold, not soft and supple.

If you must pair this wine with food, think rubbed ribs or bbq.  This will show over all of your rubs and sauces.  I like it alone after all of the food is over.  It’s big, bold, and dominating.  I feel the grapey and overly fruity notes along with some minerals and black spice.  It’s peppery, but not dominantly so.  It’s fruity, but not overly.  I find the balance between huge red and black fruits with bold earth, black pepper, and healthy alcohol that make this a large bold wine which begs for a hot evening after a long day.  It’s a wine that should be enjoyed after a hard day.  You’ve earned it.  You understand why you spent the money.

Get one.  Vintage doesn’t seem to make a difference on this one, having tried a few.  All vintages rock.  The 2007 is most likely the best in recent years, but I’d pull the hammer on any vintage.


T-Scale = 94.  It seems pricy until you drink it – $59.00.  Big Australian Shiraz wines can go $400+++ (think Penfold’s Grange, which I’ve had…)  This is the big boy at the modest price.  Grab it up!  I’d hold it 3 yrs or more to let it settle out  a bit.

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