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Alban Vineyards Edna Valley Viognier 2005

Posted by on September 29, 2016

Originally posted Janurary 25, 2014:


In my never-ending quest for interesting not-chardonnay white wines, viognier is usually a top contender.  One usually associates viognier with the Rhone, but some American vintners take it on in stride.  Alban is one of those vineyards who champion the great white hope, viognier!  Recently one of my local wine shops dropped two bottles of this gem in the discounted bin.  Looking them over closely, I noted the golding color and the presence of some cloudy residue.  Viognier isn’t a wine I normally associate with long cellaring, but since the level in the bottle looked high, I took a chance.  Although the cork broke, there were no signs of seepage or corking.  Filtered and decanted, the wine showed notes of light petrol, gold pear, flower garden, and slight green spice.  Quite ripe I’m albanassuming, the alcohol content is high for a white at 16%!  In the glass, it’s very golden.  This wine held up well under questionable storage in the wine shop.  Very nice overall feel of glycerin, ripe pear, and apricots.  Almost desert-like.  I’m quite happy there’s another bottle to consume!

T-scale – 91 points.  At $15.00, we stole this wine.  Retail average is $38.00 or so, Cellar Tracker.  90 points Wine Enthusiast and Cellar Tracker.  I’m up a point on them due to the fantastically low price and the much better than expected cellarability of this wine.


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