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Bargain Cab: Pascual Toso 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Posted by on September 29, 2016

I buy wine that I don’t love occasionally. Really, it’s OK, some wines are good, not wonderful.  Bargain hunting is an ongoing challenge which pays off with a wine that is inexpensive, yet very drinkable.  Some of those wines make for excellent food pairings or “party” wines…. the wine you take to parties where those who partake may not be sommeliers, aficionados, or culinary experts.  “Party wines” are wines YOU drink, but don’t spend beaucoup bux on, just because.. you define when and where they’re served.. think “family.”

I found one.  Pascual Toso Cabernet Sauvignon 2009.

Pascual-Toso-2008-CabernetIt isn’t huge, it isn’t full of big oakey notes or minerality, but it’s a very solid Cab at a bargain price.  It has a bit of spicebox, currant, and rich blackberry on the nose.  It’s nose impresses me on something Californian.  It’s ripe and full of flavors of black cherry, tannin, and mild vanilla.  It finishes short, but with good balance.  Surprisingly, this bottle has more life left in it.  Although drinking nicely today, it will cellar two more years or possibly more.

I can’t complain at all.  At this price, I would consider this a “Tuesday” wine.. the one you open during the week.  I would happily open this over a nice weekend grilling of red meats, veggies, and thick risotto.  The finish is a bit short, but it surely won’t overpower your entrée.

T-Scale 88+  I bought it at $8.99 on a clearance rack.  I assure you I’m going back for the remaining bottles.  Very good dinner Cab.  Also, I’d recommend taking it to your next gathering with those-in-the-know, or those who just drink wine casually.  Those who know wine will think you spent much more!  One of the better Argentina cabs I’ve tried, especially at this price.

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