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About Me

That’s me – Travis Brown.  The “T” behind the “T-Scale”.  Wine started for me in high school with cold Boone’s Farm (yeah you too right?).  It fit into a golf bag which could be smuggled onto a public course during days I ventured out with some like-minded buddies who opted out of afternoon English class.  Over the years, the taste grew smarter and Beringer White Zinfandel became my 95 point wine of choice.  Best part of the Zin was it was available at most gas stations and convenience stores.

My palette aged and wine became more serious.  The passion grew when I met my wife, Christina.  With like palettes, we ventured into the bottles, then the vineyards, then the ratings.

Although I’m not in the industry, I devote my taste to the furtherance of the great bottles of the world.  You would never know that my day gig is police officer as off-duty time finds me wine tasting or drinking wine with friends.  (. . . or talking about wine, wine trips, wine books, etc.)

We’ve traveled to taste wine throughout California (Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, Monterrey/Carmel, Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara County), Missouri (Hermann), and Ohio and Kentucky.  Next year the plan is to visit Oregon.  Yes, they do make wine in Kentucky.  We live in Northern Kentucky in a suburb of Cincinnati.  Did you know Cincinnati’s airport is in Kentucky?  Did you know people in Kentucky actually like wine (not just Bourbon)?  We have a group of friends who share this passion with us, so you’ll often see me refer to them during our brown bag Big Dawg wine tasting nights.

What’s a Big Dawg, you ask?  A Big Dawg is the best wine you are willing to bring and share with friends in hopes of “winning” the agreed best/favorite wine of the night.  Usually the group puts a price point on the bottle, but as you might already suspect, Big Dawgs can be high or low dollar.

We make at least one large trip per year for wine tasting.  After all, we live in Ky and are in search of trying new wines not available for us to purchase/taste at home.  Yes, they do sell wine in Ky, but Ky is one of those states that are difficult to ship to, but I digress.  When we say wine tasting, I mean 10 straight days of visiting wineries and tasting wine from open to close (typically 9-5 or 10-6) and averaging 5-6 wineries per day.  We have done 11 wineries in a day before, but that was a bit insane.  (Wineries were very close together and tasting rooms were practically empty.)  You’ll find me with my notebook capturing all of my notes.  Christina does the planning, so you’ll see her with the ~14 page itinerary, reminding me we need to stay on schedule.  Christina may contribute a blog post from time to time, but it will mostly be me.

When you enter a winery’s tasting room with a detailed print out of the day’s wineries to visit and get out your notebook and pen, you get a lot of questions.

Where are you from? 

– Kentucky

Kentucky?  Wow, you came a long way.  Are you on a tour?

-No, we just did a lot of research and planned our own.

Are you in the industry?

-No, well. . . . I do have a blog, but don’t hold that against me.  Hey, do you comp tastings for bloggers??

Do you drink Bourbon?

– It’s like asking if I breathe air.  Yeah I do, and I have my favorites.  Yes, I know about the Bourbon Trail, and yes, you should do it.

How about beer?

– Beer is much like wine.  I could blog it too.  We really dig Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and several other micro brews.  I should probably blog those too.


    • Wil That Is a really great read and I enjoyed it tremendously! Police Officer…? Bet you’re great at that gig, but you may have missed your calling. Cheers.

      tcbrown I am catching up to my real calling now that I don’t have that JOB in my way.